Eduro Healthcare Welcomes Lisa Kissell as Director of Compliance

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, August 3, 2023 – Eduro Healthcare is pleased to announce the appointment of Lisa Kissell as their new Director of Compliance. This strategic hire signals Eduro’s continued commitment to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct and regulatory compliance within the healthcare industry. 

Kissell joins Eduro after a distinguished tenure at Valeo Home Health & Hospice, a former subsidiary of Eduro, where she served as an administrator for over a decade since the company’s inception. Her broad understanding of healthcare operations, coupled with her licensure as a physical therapist, makes her an asset to Eduro Healthcare. 

In her new role as Director of Compliance, Kissell will have multifaceted responsibilities, aimed at ensuring that Eduro maintains rigorous adherence to state and federal regulatory requirements. Key aspects of her role will include the development and implementation of policies and procedures designed to promote compliance with healthcare laws, regulations, and standards. Furthermore, she will be tasked with conducting regular audits and risk assessments, ensuring consistent operational performance in compliance with these policies. 

“Lisa will be a great asset to Eduro Healthcare. Lisa has demonstrated an impressive ability to ensure that healthcare policies and procedures are established and implemented in a manner compliant with all relevant laws and regulations.” commented Dustin Monroe, General Counsel at Eduro. 

Kissell’s other duties will involve staying abreast of the latest developments in healthcare regulations, thereby ensuring that Eduro is always at the forefront of compliance and best practices. She will also oversee compliance training programs, which are crucial in promoting a culture of integrity and compliance throughout the organization. 

Eduro Managing Director, Michael Bewsey, noted, “I have known Lisa for over 10 years through both Valeo and Eduro. Nobody is suited better for this role. I am very excited to welcome her back to the team and get the benefit of her relentless pursuit of excellence in the compliance arena.” 

Eduro Healthcare looks forward to leveraging Lisa’s unique skills and experience in their mission to provide high-quality and compliant care in the skilled nursing operations space. 

About Eduro Healthcare 

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